Aims & Scope

Purpose of the Journal

Publish high-quality scientific articles on mathematics, mechanics and computer science, teaching methods of mathematics, mechanics and computer science, as well as information on current events.


  • Publication of scientific works reflecting the topics of priority areas of research and innovation in the field of mathematics, mechanics and computer science;
  • publication of new scientific and practical research results of young scientists, graduate students;
  • publication of the research results of Russian and foreign scientists of interest to a wide range of readers.

Scope of the Journal

  • Mathematical problems in functional analysis, topology, probability theory, mathematical physics, algebra.
  • Methods for solving boundary value problems, control theory and optimization methods, operations research, graph theory, spline and wavelet theory, finite-dimensional frames
  • Mathematical models in the field of solid mechanics and viscoelastic polymer systems.
  • Computer graphics, processing, storage, transmission and protection of information.
  • Database models, linguistic foundations of computer science.

Target audience

The journal is addressed to Russian and foreign scientists, doctoral students, graduate students and everyone interested in the achievements of physical and mathematical sciences.

Financial policy

The journal does not charge authors for preparing an article for publication. Publication in the journal is free. No royalties are paid.

The journal is published 4 times a year, each issue is published before the 30th of the last month of the quarter.