For authors

1. For publication, articles are accepted that meet the following formal requirements:

• the article must be written in Russian or English;
• the article should be formatted in accordance with the requirements of the journal;
• the article must correspond to one of the directions (sections) of the journal and certain specialties of the Nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers indicated on the page of the Journal;
• the article must be executed in accordance with the norms of publication ethics.

2. The submitted manuscript must be original. Verification of the originality of the text in Russian is carried out in the program “Antiplagiat-VUZ”. The share of the quoted text and borrowings in the article should not exceed 25%. The decision on the expediency of publication is made by the editorial board of the Journal. The article is subject to reviewing and editing without changing the scientific content of the author’s version. A review or a motivated refusal to publish is sent to the author.

3. Manuscripts are provided in electronic and paper versions. The paper and electronic forms must be identical. The electronic version can be sent to the editorial office’s e-mail address ( for acceleration. To reduce the size, the transferred files can be compressed using zip, 7zip, WinRaR or arj. Media and manuscripts will not be returned.

4. Manuscripts of articles are prepared using the MiKTeX package with WinEdt as an editor. The file containing the manuscript should have the following structure:

  • \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{book}
  • \usepackage{amssymb,amsmath,amsthm}
  • \usepackage[cp1251]{inputenc}
  • \usepackage[russian]{babel}
  • \usepackage{v_paper}
    Download style file v_paper.sty. Download sample
    Further in the file there may be author commands, among which there should not be text formatting commands
  • \begin{document}
  • \udk{}
  • \author{initials and surname of the author (s)}
  • \title{title of the article in capital letters}
  • \grant{link to grants}
  • \ruscontauth{surname and initials of the author (s) for inclusion in the table of contents and in headers and footers}.
  • \rusconttit{title of the article to be included in the table of contents }
  • \colontit{abbreviated title of the article to include in headers and footers}
  • \engcontauth{surname and initials of the author (s) for inclusion in the table of contents in English}
  • \engconttit{title of the article to be included in the table of contents in English}
  • \date{date of submission of the manuscript}
  • \organization{organization where the work is done}
  • \begin{paper}
  • \begin{annot}
    here should be the text of a short annotation
  • \end{annot}

The text of the article follows. It is recommended to use standard LaTeX tools (commands \ section, \ subsection, \ cite) to format text and format references to used literature. The titles of statements (lemmas, theorems, corollaries, etc.) are typed in bold (\ bf) with paragraph indention, and the texts of statements are in italics (\ it).

  • \begin{thebibliography}{100}
    here follows a list of references
  • \end{thebibliography}
  • \summary
    here should be the text of the brief annotation in English
  • \textit{Keywords: } keywords separated by commas.



5. Abbreviations and abbreviations should be deciphered at the place of the first mention (occurrence) in the text of the article.

6. The designations used in the formulas that differ from the generally accepted ones must be deciphered in the text.

7. The electronic version of the article should be placed in a separate folder (title – author’s surname), which must include:

  • TeX file
  • Graphic files of illustrations
  • Compiled file (with one of the dvi, ps, pdf extensions)
  • A separate file should contain information about the authors and keywords of the article in Russian and English.

7. Files should be named in such a way that it is clear to which article they (files) belong and what, in order, the picture of the article they are (for graphic files). Each graphic file must contain one drawing.