About journal

The journal is published 4 times a year.

The journal publishes the results of research in the field of theoretical and applied mathematics, mechanics and computer science, reflecting the spectrum of scientific topics of the Institute of Exact Sciences and Information Technologies of Syktyvkar State University and other organizations whose articles are placed in the “Bulletin”.

In the section “Mathematics” we publish papers on functional analysis, topology, probability theory, mathematical physics.

The section “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics” is formed by works in the field of methods for solving boundary value problems, control theory and optimization methods, operations research, graph theory, spline and wavelet theory, finite-dimensional frames (applied mathematics) and in the mechanics of deformable solids and viscoelastic polymer systems (Mechanics).

In the section “Computer Science” articles on computer graphics, as well as processing, storage, transmission and protection of information are published.

An important component of the “Bulletin” is the section “Mentor-Student”, intended for publication of works by beginning researchers (students, undergraduates, graduate students).

There are also the sections “Brief scientific reports”, “Easy reading for a professional”, “Methodological materials”, “The Chronicle of University Life”, “Jubilee Dates”.

The journal is registered as a media, PI No. FS77-77565 dated September 17, 2009.

Materials posted on this site are copies of the printed collection.

Information about the Bulletin:

  • indexed in zbMath;
  • The Journal is included in the List compiled by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degree of the Candidate of Sciences or Doctor of Science are to be published (elibrary):
    • 010000 Physics and mathematics
    • 051300 Informatics, computing technology and management
    • 130002 Theory and methodology of teaching and education (by areas and levels of education)